Tyre Changer Machines

A Tyre Changer Machine is a quick and efficient way to keep your vehicles on the road making money and provides a safe environment for changing tyres in your workplace.

The Bright Premium Truck Tyre Changing Machine is built to the highest industry standards, benefiting from Bright’s advanced quality control system, strong history of technological development and unparalleled industry experience.

Change tyres quickly and safely

In the transport industry, time is critical. Discovering a bald tyre or puncture at the last minute can cost precious time waiting for the local tyre service to get out to your site which could be several hours or worse, the next day.

A tyre changer enables you to quickly and safely rectify the problem yourself, saving time and money and keeping you on the road. It also saves the physical strain on backs and knees caused by using manual tyre leavers. The machine is versative and can change a 16” truck tyre up to 26”tractor tyre.

We also include free training to ensure your staff know how to operate the tyre changing machine correctly and safely.

Save Money

The tyre changing machine will pay of itself in no time – no more hefty out-of-hours call out fees! It’s ready to go 24/7.

Don’t be fooled by cheap machines, we have reviewed many cheaper brands and seen first-hand their poor manufacturing standards. Our tyre changers carry a full 2 year warranty as well as a superior motor & advanced hydraulics compared to Bright’s Standard range.

Installation and training is included, plus free delivery to most places in NSW and selected areas in Victoria and Queensland.

Truck Tyres

We also supply quality drive, steer and trailer tyres for various transport applications.

Save Thousands

We offer great discounts on bulk orders and loyalty incentives. A great client of ours, Neil Mansell Transport was able to save $100,000 in the first year!

We’d love to talk about how you can save thousands too.

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