Truck Balancer CB460B


Brand: Easy Change

The heavy duty truck wheel balancer (EC460B) is designed to balance tyres for trucks, Car, buses, agricultural and industrial machines with high precision and greater dependability.

  • The tyre lifter will save time and labor when installing the tyre.
  • Large nixie tube displays the data enhancing operator’s convenience.
  • Has the function to shift from car to truck mode.
  • The unbalance weight can be selected. 5 system or 10 system according to your requirement.
  • The machine has 3 kinds of Allow and Static mode settings.
  • The pedal brake can be used to ensure the weight position is accurate.
  • System allows you to shift between the inch mm, gram and ounce.
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Rim Diameter 10—24″
Max. Wheel Weight 200kg
Max. Wheel Diameter 1200mm
Rim Width 1.5—20″
Rotating Speed 100/200rpm
Balancing Precision ±1g/±10g
Motor power 0.25KW
Dimensions CTN.size 1300 X 990 X 1130
Weight 312kg