Our Values


QT Tyres endeavors to create and maintain a positive and supportive team environment, which encourages and helps one another at all times. This enables the team at QT Tyres to have fun, whilst also being productive. We try to create an environment that nurtures open communication and enthusiasm.

Customer Service Excellence

At QT Tyres, it is our aim to go above and beyond for our customers. We try to always say yes first, and then work out a way to do it, and for our customer to know that nothing is to much trouble.


We believe in Quality, which is why we named our business Quality Truck Tyres. We always aim to provide a good quality truck tyre to our customers. Rod is always out looking for a good quality, value for money tyre. We extend quality to everything that we do including the way we treat our staff and customers, our suppliers and everyone that is involved in QT.


We treat our staff and our customers with dignity and respect.


Our business principles reflect the highest standards ethically and in all aspects of our business we act with integrity.


QT Tyres makes every effort to ensure the health and safety of employees to provide an accident free work place on and off site.


Training and continual learning is part of the QT philosophy.


We love getting feedback from our customers, whether is be good or bad, so we can continue to learn and achieve great results in providing excellent products and service.


We encourage our employees to take initiative and to always give their best. We believe that adopting an error embracing environment helps our employees to lead and make good decisions.